The 5th generation FULLY ENCLOSED PERC. Dry cleaning machine

Item Code: P300TDZQ

Product Details:
  • Place of Origin: China
  • Brand Name: OASIS
  • Certification: CE,ISO
  • Model Number: P-300TD(Z)Q
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Detailed Product Description
Capacity Available: 12kgs, 14kgs, 16kgs, 18kgs, 20-22kgs, 25-28kgs, 30-35kgs Heating: Steam Heating/Electric Heating
OASIS – China Dry cleaning Expert
  • Your best choice of China Dry cleaning equipment

The preferred automatic fully enclosed and environmentally friendly dry cleaning machine for those who start HIGH-END dry cleaners with TOP QUALITY Perc. Dry cleaning machines and those who provide Excellent Dry Clean Service in hotels, hospitals, schools, factories, etc.!!!