The 4th generation FULLY ENCLOSED PERC. Dry cleaning machine

Item Code: P300FDZQ

Product Details:
  • Place of Origin: China
  • Brand Name: OASIS
  • Certification: CE,ISO
  • Model Number: P-300FD(Z)Q
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Detailed Product Description
Capacity Available: Heating:
10kgs, 12kgs, 14kgs, 16kgs, 18kgs, 20-22kgs, 25-28kgs, 30-35kgs Steam Heating/Electric Heating
OASIS – China Dry cleaning Expert
  • Your best choice of China Dry cleaning equipment

The preferred automatic fully enclosed dry cleaning machine for those who start MIDDLE LEVEL dry cleaners with DELUXE Perc. dry cleaning machines and those who provide QUALITY Dry Clean Service in hotels, hospitals, schools, factories, etc.!!!