TEXFINITY Towel Folder

Ëuropean Technology, Ëuropean brand, Domestic Patent
  • TEXFINITY designs, develops, manufactures, implements and services a full range of industrial laundry solutions.
  • Our customers range from industrial laundries and textile rental suppliers as well as hospital and hotel on-premise laundries.
  • The equipment is constructed in our 3 production factories in China, covering around 133.000 square meters of working space.
  • Customers highly value our strict standards in production, people and quality management according to ISO9001 norms and we are experienced in both Western and Asian industry cultures, standards and languages.
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The main technical features of Texfinity Towel Folder
  • Good stability, high quality imported main parts
  • Technology according to the dimension of towel and actual working conditions. Personalized design – it can realize remote monitoring and assistance internet.
  • Texfinity is equipped with photoelectric sensors and high efficiency control systems. Texfinity can accurately monitor the size of the towel and location through a variety of sensors and encoders, and automatically selects the corresponding long fold, cross fold and stacking method, saving both time and labor with good effect.
  • Texfinity can automatically adjust the gap of rollers according to different thicknesses of towels to assure the folding quality and effect.
  • The towels come out accurately folded in position, with the fast automatic stacking technology. Fast and short working cycles.
  • 4 channel stacking position. Adapted automatic telescopic device which controls the transmission belt to stretch out and drawback whilst keeping towels in correct running direction, ensuring the towels are transferred to the next transmission belt smoothly.
  • Four folds all adopt the special form of air knife folding, quick action, low failure rate.
Technical Information