Hospital High Speed Ironer Lines

Hospital High Speed Ironer Lines is composed of “Four-station Two Lanes High Speed Feeder (Multifunctional) + 950 High Speed Roller Ironer + High Speed Folder with Two Lanes and Two Stackers “

National initiative 12 national patent

According to feature of the narrow width linen used in hospital, hospital ironer lines can feed 2 pieces, iron 2 pieces, fold 2 pieces at the same time, the feeding efficiency is improved twice which compared with common ironer lines. Integrated feeding efficiency, ironing speed, mechanical equipments and others, the overall ironing efficiency is increased 4~5 times per hour than “common ironer lines”

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  • Hospital high speed ironer lines are in the case of 0.6 Mpa steam pressure, the bed sheets are 1600~2000 pieces per hour, and the quilt covers are 1200~1600 pieces per hour.
  • Hospital high speed ironerlines have the automatic identified function for large and small bed sheets and quilt cover, which can be fed into 2 bed sheet or quilt cover at the same time, can be automatically identified and into single channel model if the linen is over 1.75 m width
  • Hospital high speed ironer lines have 3 machines linkage functions, the speed, the program can be switched arbitrary both on spreader machine and folding machine, can realize the remote trouble diagnoses, modify and update the program.