Automatic Dummy Machine

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  • Automatic Dummy Machine

    Item Code: ZRT10

    • Suitable for Professional Dry Cleaners, laundries, hotels and dyeing shops for fine pressing superb garments such as suits, wool uniforms etc.
    • Material – stainless steel
    • Automatic computer control
    • Adjustable waistline & Shoulder length
  • Clothes Conveyor

    Item Code: SS308

    • Widely used in dry cleaning shops, garments factories.
    • Easy operation and maitainance, extremely practicable, very good performance.
  • Multi Function Iron Table

    Item Code: DNG6

    • DGN-6 multifunction ironing machine has wide table board and is suitable for all clothing
    • It utilises a suction function, enabling cold-hot iron setting; the inside steam generator can produce steam for improved finish;
    • Its extremely user friendly and constructed to reduce labor intensity;
    • This machine adopts the full-steam iron, applied to a variety of clothing Ironing.
    • It comes with spotting guns to romove the stain from dry and wet washed clothes.
    • Energy efficient
    • Manufactured with best health and safety practices in mind.

    Item Code: GXQ

    • High quality recycling working system.99% of solvent can be recycled. saving solvent.
    • Vitton seal ensure no wasteage and OH&S control.
    • Inverter equipped, compact structure, variable speed, the washing ,extracting and balancing can be selected according to fabrics type.
    • Equipped with PLC computer controller.
    • Equipped with frequency conversion motor, saving power.
    • Equipped with circulation filtering devices, keeping the solvent clean during washing to get a higher level result.
    • Durable structure, all contact pipe and main parts are on stainless steel to ensure longer life.
    • Equipped with trap under the machine, which ensure no leakage and protects the environment.
    • Equipped with centrifugal filter, which makes drying speed faster and consumes less solvent.
    • The washing result is of a high standard, clean, no damage, shrinkage or creases.
    • The machies are well established in the European market particularly Germany and Italy.
  • Stain Removal Table

    Item Code: SST

    Stainless Steel Spotting Table
    • A Jetgun and Tow dirt removing guns are provided. The jet gun can be applied to the garment either in cold or hot form accordingly.
    • Equipped with spot-removing gun and hot wind guns that are user friendly.The fluid is concentrate.
    • Equipped with a set of air filter which prevent the pollution to garments.
    • Hot wind and steam are controlled by a magnetic valve, which can fully utilize the eradicator and strengthen spot-removing.
    • Equipped with stainless steel table.
  • Universal Laundry Press

    Item Code: WJT125

    • User friendly and easy to maintain
    • Automatic/Manual Operation
    • Durable Construction
    • MicroProcessor driven