About Us

Commercial and Industrial Laundry Specialists

Express Commercial Laundries is a leading supplier of commercial washing machines & industrial laundry equipment around Australia. We’re a long-established business, serving multiple sectors. Express Commercial Laundries offers a comprehensive range of scalable laundry solutions for Australian businesses.

Our product range delivers a full suite of laundry machines and accessories including washers, dryers, folders and ironers that are tailored to meet your on-site business and operational needs. We also offer technical support and mobile services.

Express Commercial Laundries

  • Delivering Quality Product at Affordable Prices
  • ISO9001 and CE Approved
  • Australian Quality Assured
  • Local Parts Supply
  • Long Term Warranty
  • American, European and Japanese Critical Parts
  • Efficient After Service Support
  • Trading in Australia for Years
  • Aussie Owned