Hydrocarbon dry cleaning machine/Multisolvent Dry cleaning machine/K4 dry cleaning machine

Item Code: HMS300

Product Details:
  • Place of Origin: China
  • Brand Name: OASIS
  • Certification: CE,ISO
  • Model Number: HMS300
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Detailed Product Description
Capacity Available: Heating:
12kgs, 14kgs, 16kgs, 18kgs, 20-22kgs, 25-28kgs, 30-35kgs Steam Heating/Electric Heating
X Series – China Dry cleaning Expert
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General Introduction

“”FEMART”” series are the latest generation environmental friendly Multi solvent dry cleaning machines with the world leading technology. “FEMART” allows you to use freely any Class III A/B solvent (Hydro Carbon), Silicon based solvent or the newly developed Solvon K4. Just switch the program on Smart Touch computer controller, and you can change the solvent to work. Adopting world famous brand of all key components, “FEMART” series dry cleaning machines are assembled by X Series in China. They integrate all world top configurations with some X Series self-owned patented technology. “FEMART” multi solvent dry cleaning machines are available in different capacity: 12kgs, 14kgs, 16kgs, 18kgs, 20-23kgs, 25-30kgs, 30-35kgs.