X Series 420G 120kgs TILT washer / Tilt laundry washer / Washer Extractor / Laundry washer / Hotel washer

Item Code: SXTQ1200FZQ

Product Details:
  • Place of Origin: China
  • Brand Name: X Series
  • Certification: CE,ISO
  • Model Number: SXTQ-1200FZQ
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Detailed Product Description
Capacity Available: 120kgs Heating: Steam Heating
Tilt: Forward / Forward&Reverse Exterior Panel: AISI304
Inner Drum: AISI304 Outer Drum: AISI304
Computer Controller: 30 Programs USB Transfer: YES
X Series OPL WASHER Extractor
  • he fastest and the most stable Chinese Industrial Heavy Duty Washer
  • European Quality, Chinese Cost.

X Series washers are developed not only to clean, but to extend linen life, reduce water usage, and reduce utility costs, and maximize productivity. Our heavy-duty construction provides reliable operation and guarantees your washer-extractor will be in service for years to come, while our High G-Force extraction removes more water from each load, reducing energy cost, shortening drying times, thus increasing through put. The SXT series high performance washer-extractors deliver high-speed extract, an easy-to-install, freestanding design, unmatched durability and the ultimate in programmability!